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Email Marketing


What Is An Email Marketing Campaign? 

Email Marketing is you communicating with your current and potential customer through series of emails sent regularly. 

You get them all the time, from restaurants, clothes shops, that coffee place you go to and even your dentist. They are great ways of keeping you up to date with what is going on, sending offers and generally keeping that business at the front of your mind. 

But there is a lot more to running an email campaign that just sending emails

Strike The Balance, and Sending Meaningful Messages

Nobody enjoys being harassed, you have to strike a balance between advertising your business, informing or teaching customers about what you do and entertaining your clients in order to keep them engaged. If you can get your customers looking forward to your next email, whether receiving a special offer, something that’ll make them smile or just an update about the business then they’ll be far less likely to ignore you, or hit “spam”

How Does Email Marketing Grow My Business? 

Email On A Laptop

In the world of social media followers, constant online adverts and video, emails can seem out of place. So how can emails compete?


Emails still have some of the largest reach of any marketing platform. If you think about it, to even sign up to modern platforms you need an email address to begin.

It has been estimated that there are around 3.9 billion email accounts in existence (3x more than Facebook accounts), so getting into your customers inbox should still be a first step in marketing your business. 


Thought of a great offer and want your customers to hear about it?

Send it to them direct! No need to hope they see ads, or walk past a shop window, A direct mail piece can make sure you are speaking to people who will actually take advantage of everything your business has to offer

It doesn't matter what they are doing, the email will end up in their inbox far more likely than they will see it on Facebook. 

Your customer has already said they want to hear from you by proving an email address, so why wouldn't you keep in contact. By sending regular emails you can expect a much higher engagement rate that that of any other platform just because of the direct access you have to your customers. 

Make It Automated and build relationships

Think sending emails to all your customers would be hard work? 

It Isn't. With autoresponders, and email campaigns you can get in touch as soon as they sign up, with no input from you. Maintain regular email schedules, chase up empty carts and create a dialogue. They are a great way to build a relationship with your customers and make sure you are always kept in the back of their mind for when the need you. 

Email will be around forever

Modern fads come and go. Whilst social media trends come and go, emails have shown no signs of going away. Building a list that you can turn to to promote your business is an excellent long term investment that will continue to pay off for years. 

Email Open Rates

How To Send Emails People Care About 

Creating a successful email campaign relies knowing you customers and generating headlines and content that people want to know about. 

Just sending blanket emails to people is a sure way to get ignored. That is why we spend time to create bespoke copy that is designed to speak to your audience!

No only that, but we automate the whole process for you, so you only have to talk to people who are genuinely interested in your product!

Want To Start Sending?

We offer a complete email marketing package that :


·         Campaign Creation and Copy Writing

·         Testing and Analysis of sent campaign

·         Statistical monitoring and reporting

·         Account Set Up with CRM software – Clients Choice based on needs.

·         Import of Existing Data and creation of lead funnel for new clients

·      Mailing list maintenance 

Get started with a bespoke email campaign for your business with our "done for you" Email campaign Starter package.