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Facebook Adverts 

High Quality Leads Gained Through Facebook and for much less than other forms of marketing!

High Quality Leads Gained Through Facebook and for much less than other forms of marketing!

Tap into a audience of 2 billion people through Facebook Ads

Over 2 billion people have a Facebook account, and 1 in every 5 minutes is spent on Facebook on a mobile device. 

Capitalising on this  potential reach of Facebook ads for your business can get you with a steady stream of new clients for as long as you need.  

Facebook advertising allows you to promote your business to a highly targeted audience that you control. This lets you bring in your ideal customer, with amazing results. 

What Do We Offer?

We create, set up, optimise and run your Facebook Ad campaigns for you. As your leads start to come in, they get sent through for you to follow up on!

Few other forms of lead generation can compete with the effectivness of facebook ads.   


How Does It Work?

We think the best way to get leads for your business is through Facebook lead ads. This is a convenient and easy way for you potential customer to get in contact with you with just a few clicks. 

  1. The Ad - Your lead see your custom ad on their news feed and clicks to learn more about your offer. 

  2. The Form - A form opens with their information already filled in (Plus any questions you want to know)
  3. Submit - They click the submit button, and their information is passed to you!

Its that simple



Test and Refine

When we create an ad, we don't just make one and hope it works for the best. We work to ensure that your ad is working its very best, with constant revisions and tracking throughout its life cycle. 

We do this with 5 key steps: 

Define Your Audience 

You know your customers and who has bought from you in the past. Facebook allows us to target people just like you customers so we know we are showing them to just the right people. 

Create a Brilliant offer

You don't have to give away the earth, but we will help you to create an eye catching offer that people will be drawn to and click on. 

Write Smashing copy 

We create copy that speaks to your audience and test loads of headlines to see which works. We know the angles that work best =, so we will use the best for your business. 

Test, Test and Test Some More 

We test a lot. We want to know which ads work and which others are flops. So we make loads of ads to see what works the best then focus on those and leave the others in the dust. 


Using all the knowledge we gathered before, we open the throttle on your ad and let it bring in loads of leads for your business!

Facebook Lead Cycle

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