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Jumpstart Your Marketing - 4 Steps To Get Your Business In Front Of New Customers

Starting a business takes a lot of work, regardless of what you are trying to offer. But once you have had a great idea, or made the product how do you get people to notice you?

This is the same question I get from every business I work with, so below are 4 keys steps that every business should take to start getting in front of their new customers.

Some are cheap, others need more effort to pull off and others seem downright obvious, but I guarantee that every single one will benefit your business!

1. Get Online

Having a presence online can make the difference between your customers finding you and your product or missing you completely. These are the new storefronts for your business, and you need to make sure that when your customer is ready to browse you can showcase yourself. 

It doesn't matter if you have a website, a Facebook page or a blog as long as you have a way of customers finding you. Everything can be built upon and grow but with nothing to start you can't.

Most of these can be made by you, you don't need to be able to code, have a design degree or a lot of technical know how, but something is still going to put you miles ahead of the competition that haven't kept up

But what do you do once they are in your "store"

2. Post Relevant Content

What is your customer going to find once they enter your online domain? A blank page with links doesn't inspire confidence and will likely result in your potential customer leaving without a trace. 

What do you do? Make your online presence reflect yourself and make sure to provide content that your customer wants to see!

Own a chocolate company? Make sure customers can see what they can buy, showcase the process and introduce new flavours on social media. 

Healthcare? Show case studies of successful treatments, post patient testimonials, show the character of the practice and give advice and FAQ's of concerns you have. 

Just make sure you focus on what customers will relate with, never look inwardly and try to post technical too often, try to keep it fun, light and relevant.

3. Advertise

I'm sure you've already thought of this one. But where do you start?

The most obvious and effective may not be the one you instinctively think of: your current customers!

What better a recommendation is there than that of a friend or family member. Learn to leverage you current customers and the referrals will come in. offer incentives and referral programs to encourage your existing customers to get you new ones. Even if they just leave you reviews it helps to showcase your excellence to the world.

What if you are just starting? Think about your customers and what media they consume and you can come up with ideas of where you can showcase yourself.

Though with this in mind some of the most effective ways of getting in front of your customers are still pay per click ads. Once you get started you can really start getting attention for bargain prices, but it can be worrying if you don't know where to start (Don't worry we can help)


Never let a lead get away!

The worst mistake you can make is spending all that effort to get a potential customer and then letting them get away! 

Today there are so many ways of gently reminding your leads that you are there when they need you: email marketing, newsletters, remarketing, and followup calls to name a few. 

Just because they don't buy straight away doesn't mean you can;t get the sale later. No matter your business this is perhaps the most important rule!

Now you know where to start take the first step in growing your business today! Don't put it off at the bottom of the pile. Get involved now, and the rewards will be well worth it.

Not sure how to get going, or overwhelmed with the day to day running of your business?

I'm here to help! Get in touch here and lets take the first step together to grow your business. 


Liam Boulcott