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Pay Per Click Advertising

Get In Front of Customers Just When They Need You

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a proven and highly effective way of getting in front of your customers just when they’re looking for your services. 

PPC campaigns ( like those run on Google Ads) are a highly targeted form of digital advertising. By actively targeting your potential customers who are searching for what your business offers, you can expect much higher conversion rates than more traditional forms of advertising – and you can target keywords you may not rank "organically" for.

Instead of hoping your website shows up, PPC allows you to put yourself at the top of their results just when customers are searching for a service or product.

The beauty of PPC you only pay when a user clicks on your advert so they only cost you if they are relevant to what they are searching for. Using this in tandem with a highly effective landing page can maximise your results and make sure you only pay for click that get you customers. . This should give some peace of mind to the more nervous advertiser.

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Generate New Leads And Get More Customers

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Tap into your audience

When someone has a problem or is looking for a product, digital advertising allows your business to take advantage of their need straight away. By understanding their needs and know what people search for in relation to your business, you can start generating leads and sales. We research the keywords in your area to see what people are searching for , then create custom adverts that appear when someone searches.

Keep their interest, and a place to land

When someone click on your ad, what are they going to see?

Make sure to capture your new visitors with your targeted landing page, full of information and an appealing solution to what they were searching for.

Get The Lead

Now you have the customer, give them what they want. We design bespoke web-forms and sales funnels, that allow with the click of a button get your customer buying or getting in contact.

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Making Those Clicks Count

We have a lot of experience making sure you only pay for clicks that work for your business.  By focusing on what makes your business stand out, what it offers and the unique services you can provide we aim to ensure you are always put in front of the customers that are most likely to buy from you.

Conversion Tracking

How do we know if your ads are working? By tracking what people do on your site and how they get in contact. We provide constant refinement and tracking to make sure that your money isn't being wasted. 

With tried and tested ad-words campaigns we have already learned what not to do so we can focus on crafting campagins that will work for you. 

Instant Results

Pay Per Click also provide a great way to get your site visitors straight away. By sending people to your site with paid clicks you can get in front of them in a way that normal SEO could take months. Even better, you are completely in control of who sees your site, allowing you to design a site that gets people buying from you!

Your ads are shown as soon as a campaign is setup. Organic SEO can take months to rank well but once a PPC campaign is live it can drive traffic to your website immediately.

What do our PPC campaigns include?

•          Ad extensions

•          Conversion Tracking

•          Dynamic keywords

•          Call tracking

•          Remarketing

•          Multiple ads

•          Negative keywords

•          Monthly report

          Up to 5 campaigns

Get started with near instant results, our PPC “done for you” markeitng packa